Our Ring Neck Red bottles will be 20% off through May. This off-dry red is made from locally grown Chambourcin grapes. The Chambourcin grape(pronounced however you like) is a very mild grape with cherry, black pepper and herbaceous flavors. Aging this wine in stainless steel allows the cherry flavors to take center stage. Winemaker Denny recommends pairing with pasta and venison meatballs in a red sauce or a pan seared prime rib in a red wine reduction. I recommend pairing with one of our fruit wines, mixing them together to make a semi-sweet raspberry, blackberry, or cherry wine.


FAQ: What is an off-dry wine?

A: Some wineries refer to these as semi-dry. These wines are not completely dry, but are not sweet enough to call semi-sweet. The Ring Neck Red does not have any added sugar.


FAQ: What does the name mean?

A: This wine is named after the Ring Neck Pheasant that is hunted in this area.


Logan Pontious